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  • DA Paper
  • Value Lines - Various Manufacturers
    Available in both Hook & Loop (Hookit, Grip, Velcro) and PSA (Stkit, Sticky).
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  • Middle Tier - Various Manufacturers
    Available in multiple sizes and attachment methods. 3M blue, Indasa
  • AkzoNobel Vehicle Coatings
  • Sikkens Autobase Plus
    Perfect coverage, metallic control and sprayability. Autobase Plus provides excellent coverage, metallic control and sprayability when used to duplicate OEM solid, metallic and pearl color effects.
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  • Lesonal SB
    Lesonal SB provides phenomenal color accuracy and is user-friendly. It is easily blended to provide an invisible repair.
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  • Wandabase Basecoat
    Our most popular product. Excellent color matching and unbelievably affordable. Wandabase HS is a solvent basecoat provides quick drying, strong hiding power as well as a smooth, uniform finish. With an impressive color match, it can be used for small repairs or total re-sprays and delivers a great result every time.
    Very Affordable
  • Aerosol Cans
  • 1K Gloss Spray Cans
    1K glossy aerosol cans made to match any color and ideal for smaller jobs. Our new 1K binder eliminates the need for a clearcoat, providing a glossy finish and saving you both time and money.
    $20-$30 per can